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In Which Leo and Percy are brimming (though not really) adults and venture onto a heartwarming relationship.

Leo settles on the bed next to Percy, who makes room, then lays down and takes Leo with him, so the son of Hephaestus is straddling his waist. A smile plays across Percy’s face, eloquent and sweet. He takes Leo’s hand, kisses the ashy knuckles (Leo’s trying this new moisturizer, he swears) and glides it behind him until Leo’s hand rests on the small of Percy’s back.

Leo drums his fingers experimentally and Percy’s eyes darken, a heavy breath exhaling from his lips.

"That’s my Achilles heel," Percy murmurs, and it’s in a husky voice that makes Leo’s body stir all over again. From the pillow, Percy’s sea green eyes look to him lovingly. "Or at least it used to be. Back when I dipped in the River of Styx for the war between the Gods and the Titans. It’s not there anymore, but sometimes I feel like it is. And now, you and Annabeth are the only ones that know about it."

This is what I did instead of taking notes in class Fic Link Here:

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