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Leo falling through the sky and Jason freefalling co catch him. 

Before any other embarrassing thought could surface in my head, something had yanked me into their clutches. My back pressed against Jason’s chest and I realized he must have left off Tempest to gain momentum. Jason’s arm strapped against my stomach and we soared across the water fifty feet in the air.

“Hold on,” Jason shouted. Wind whistled in my ears.

I wanted  to say something like, “Good thing you’re Superman, Grace,” but the feeling in my head was so dizzying and the black spots expanded so widely in my vision that it sounded something like, “ˆYaaarghhhth.”

Jason waved his arm, spiraling and tumbling, and acted as though it were a bird’s wing. He was trying to bring us back to the ship, but water had to be the worst possible air cushion to go off of. The more he forced wind beneath us, the angrier the ocean lashed back, sea salt jumping and clogging the back of my throat. The arm around my torso became so tight I’m sure it bruised.

I knew he didn’t want to admit it—Jason was tired. There was no way I was even in the same weight class as Piper, and suspending both him and me in the air looked like a pebble as it skipped along a creek.

The inevitable happened—we plunged into the water, creating an explosion any diver would tsk, tsk us for. Sea water choked my lungs and the salt burned my eyes.

If that wasn’t cruel enough, my big head decided it’d found a place to pound, and felt like someone grabbed a hammer to enthusiastically bash my head in.

Jason, if possible without choking last night’s gumbo out of me, refused to let go, tightening his grip instead. Something was chasing him, I think—he flailed, gladius whipping around. Through even my blurry eyes, I swear to he gods I saw a shark staring like we were human sushi.

Then out of nowhere, the water began to lift. Something grabbed us.

It wasn’t a shark—not even a freaky giant squid. What little air I had left evaporated, and the water beneath our feet pushed up, nearly solidifying to give us a center of gravity. We broke the surface of the ocean, slivers and tendrils of water molding tight around our bodies until it looked like a giant fist was holding us.

The last thing I remembered was Jason’s urgent voice and Percy’s winning smile, before I blacked out. 

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