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will solace is flirting in haikus


billyxkaplan: 51. Sport: Pipalia


does hunting count as a sport 

Being a Hunter is hard work.

Piper feels her stomach knot as she falls behind the rest of the girls. She breathes shallow air through her nose and then through her mouth, and the back of her throat is so dry that she could drink the entirety of Lake Tahoe.

Her feet stagger beneath her. Piper feels herself fall out of step with the rest of the group. A wolf balks behind her, pushes her even, and it only drives Piper to run faster through the heaps of snow.

“PIPER!” Thalia shouts. Her voice is like crackling lightning cutting its way through an ocean.


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fimyuan: "paint me" and "love me", jasicooOOoo

Paint Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character drawing a picture of another 

Love Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a fluffy drabble about two (or more) characters.

On the last day of con, Jason Grace shows up again, dressed in the most intricately-designed Captain America suit that Nico has ever seen. The blue frames Jason’s chest a little too well, perfect against his skin while the red and white stripes taper down his firm abs.

Nico sucks on the inside of his mouth. He taps his foot beneath the table, thankful that it’s covered by a sleek black cloth, and watches the hesitation flicker over Captain!Jason’s face from the other side of the room. They make eye contact and Nico doesn’t know how to interpret the way his heart skips a beat.

“He li~ikes you,” Will whispers to him. Will gestures to Nico’s Winter Soldier cosplay (minus mask) and grins. “OTP alert.”


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nooowestayandgetcaught: dick/bart and 18

18. Rainbow

When Dick saunters in for the night, he nearly kicks over a paint bucket. Muttering an ungraceful fuck under his breath, he fondles the air for the light switch and finds a hand at his wrist—

“Hey, Dick Grayson! Dick Nightwing Grayson! DeeGee!”

The hand brushes Dick’s wrist for only a moment before the owner flees. Lights turn on after that, and Dick twitches. His room is barren of all the furniture (which explains why he scrambled through the dark without bumping into anything) and his floor is covered in tarp.

Dick is four steps away from a puddle of green-and-orange paint goop, which is moving around dangerously like slime.


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